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Ergonomic Workstation

Do you often feel like you’d been sitting on cinder blocks at work? Are your eyes strained from staring at the computer screen all day?

In a world where desk jobs are becoming more prevalent, it is important to use the right office equipment to keep you at your job and out of the doctor’s office. But good ergonomics not only promotes comfort and reduces injury risks; good ergonomics will increase your employee’s productivity and improve their morale. By improving your workstations, you will see your costs reduced and your company goals reached.

Here are the facts:

Companies that invest in ergonomic workstations receive less workers’ compensation claims and save money through reductions in lost workdays. Energy costs shrink and companies earn tax credits by complying with building standards. And that’s just the start.

We are proud to represent Humanscale as our ergonomic work station vendor. Humanscale knows how important it is to be comfortable at your job and how good posture can relieve people of many ailments, such as migraines and sore backs. They specialize in office equipment such as seating, keyboard systems, lighting, monitor arms, and more. And all of their products are built with your comfort and health in mind.



With our ergonomic design, we create chairs that adjust to fit you, not the other way around. We’ve eliminated as many controls as possible to make our chairs incredibly easy to use, and with our built-in tension mechanisms, our chairs read your weight and body structure to recline as little or as far as you need, ensuring your comfort. Our armrests are attached to the backs of our chairs and our seats are padded with gel. No matter how you sit in the chair, or if you adjust your position multiple times throughout the day, our chairs will adapt to fit you.

Whether you have ten or one thousand employees, each will sit in a comfortable chair tailored to them.

Keyboard Systems

Keeping your keyboard on your desk, you not only put strain on your back from leaning forward all day, but your arms and wrists are not supported properly, which can lead to tired shoulders, wrists, elbows and hands. By switching to an ergonomic keyboard system, you can adjust your keyboard to not only sit at the proper height for arm support, but your keyboard will come to you so that you may sit back in your chair, maintain a healthy posture and relax throughout your workday.

Monitor Arms

Our monitor arms work in conjunction with our keyboard systems so that your posture is not affected throughout your workday. By attaching your monitor to an arm, you can adjust your screen to meet your needs, including moving it out of your way for non-computer work.

Though these three products are most important to creating an ergonomic workplace, we offer many others that will substantially change your company and your employees’ lives. Call us today to discuss how Humanscale’s products can benefit you.