Benefits of choosing Urban Farming

There are many benefits to urban farming versus traditional farming. Urban farming is more productive and sustainable, organic produce becomes more accessible, and it is small-space friendly.

With urban farming one person can produce almost 100 times more food than compared to regular farming (per square foot). When urban farming, the farms are designed vertically instead of horizontally, which allows you to grow more product per square foot. Also, most urban farms are indoors which means you can control the weather. Water systems and artificial lighting are installed to create a perfect climate.

Another benefit with urban farming is that it is more sustainable. Urban farms take up less space and less water compared to traditional farms. Starting an urban farm may seem costly up front, but most individuals are able to earn back their money in the first year.

Organic produce also becomes more readily available. No chemical growth regulators are needed on urban farms because the climate is controlled. You just need quality soil that contains nutrients, a lighting system and good water.

It is also small space friendly. If you lived in a large city, there is not much land or space to have a traditional farm to grow your own food. Urban farms are designed in neatly organized “closets” with shelves to grow different plants on each shelf.

Urban farming allows you to enjoy fresh produce all year long, and it’s simple to start.

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