Commercial Battery Storage

At Centurion Technologies we specialize in energy efficiency technology solutions. We pride ourselves in working with the best in the energy market. As we are now partnering with HomeGrid to offer you commercial battery storage options. Becoming a one stop-shop for anything requiring battery power or backup.

Installing a power storage system for your business is important for many reasons. It can provide backup during emergencies and any grid failures since most businesses rely on electricity to operate. Using batteries for your business can also offer savings and security. Providing your business with a return on investment, and peak shaving which will offer more sustainability in energy costs.

The commercial systems are expandable and entirely self-contained in weatherproof containers.  This makes it possible to establish a micro-grid that is environmentally friendly and an alternative to fossil fuels.  The systems can be designed up to 5 MWH.  The larger systems are also designed with tier-1 prismatic cells, so the same safety measures and reliability standards apply.

As a supplier, Centurion Technologies is here to offer you a full fledge solution to your alternative energy needs. To hear more, contact us!

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