EV Charging Demand on the Rise

McKinsey estimates over $95B of EV charging investment through 2030 to provide over 1.2M new public charging locations. According to Enerlogics’ President and Co-founder, Scott Ameduri, “EV Charging can have a significant impact on both consumption and demand, with corresponding cost impacts to the host facility.”

Energy Savings and Microgrids with Schneider Electric

Don Wingate, Vice President of Sales, Strategic Customers & Solutions at Schneider Electric, hosted this episode of our energy savings webinar series. He gave a specific example involving an auto manufacturer in Michigan who recently experienced a 2 minute shut-down due to a power outage. This cost the organization several millions of dollars in energy consumption as well as lost productivity while they still paid their employees.

Top 3 Ways to Achieve the Clean Energy IRA Incentives

While these IRA incentives were only just announced in August of last year and some details are still being ironed out, Scott Ameduri, President of Enerlogics, provides the right insight we all need so that we may act in a way that will benefit our organizations as soon as possible.

Clean Energy Webinar Series

“We have relationships with national distributors who are experts in our industry, so we are simply providing a platform to get the word out,” explains owner and founder, Kraig Kutschbach. “For example, did you know that you and your organization have access to clean energy that’s already paid for? Join us for these webinars and you’ll see.”

Benefits of choosing Urban Farming

There are many benefits to urban farming versus traditional farming. Urban farming is more productive and sustainable, organic produce becomes more accessible, and it is small-space friendly. With urban farming one person can produce almost 100 times more food than compared to regular farming (per square foot). When urban farming, the farms are designed vertically … Read more

Grow Light Basics

Let’s talk about grow lights… Grow Light Basics All green plants require light to perform photosynthesis. During which, special cells convert the energy contained in the light into sugars. In the process, plants give off oxygen. Plants vary widely on how much light they need to thrive. Low-light houseplants, such as dracaenas, will generally do … Read more