Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cell technology is paving the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective future across industries. They are devices that generate electricity through electrochemical reactions. Essentially, they convert the chemical energy of fuels, such as hydrogen, directly into electrical energy by combining it with oxygen. 

Fuel cells do not need to first convert into thermal or mechanical energy, so they are very efficient. Additionally, they also less polluting than their classic combusting counterpart which emits carbon. Hydrogen fuel cells only emit warm air and vapor.

There are a variety of potential applications for fuel cells but truly they can provide power for systems as large as a utility power station and as small as a laptop computer.

We only work with the best partner in the world when it comes to fuel cell technology and that is FuelCell Energy. FuelCell is helping businesses and communities around the world with power generation, carbon capture, hydrogen production, and energy storage. As their partner, we’re ready to support our clients with a more resilient future!

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