The Centurion Team

Centurion Technologies was established in 2000 and provides comprehensive energy and power management solutions. Through innovative technology, business models and partnerships we deliver energy that is smartly procured, generated locally, and efficiently consumed. With 21 years in the energy business, we offer specialized lighting, fluorescents, and LED. As well as advancing our technology skills to horticulture. As we continue to expand our services even more, we will now be participating in the next generation of energy services and conservation. Our expertise led us to teaming up with Schneider Electric, and offering their energy services. Microgrids are the future of energy sourcing, and Centurion is here to offer it to you.

Our core competencies include:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, including landscaping, office and security lighting, horticulture, and microgrids
  • Incentives, tax credits, and grants
  • Carbon footprint management
  • Microgrid technologies
  • Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA)

There are a myriad of factors to consider when looking to improve your lighting, in your consideration for interior and exterior lighting. We are experts in the field. Are you looking to expand into horticulture for personal or business needs? We have you covered. Interior, exterior, horticulture we have what you need. Is your business ready to upgrade to the future of energy sourcing, adding a microgrid for more sustainable energy?  Let our experts guide you on matching the best options to your specific needs.  That’s our business.

Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) technologies are more and more chosen, by end users, as a solution to provide cost-effective, resilient, and secure supply of onsite sustainable energy. Energy efficiency can be a long-term investment with a significant long-term payoff. We offer financing options so that you can afford the solution that’s right for your business.

With over a decade of experience providing energy solutions and world-class service, we can help you find a proven solution that will meet your unique needs and help you to discover your potential. Centurion Technologies has more time in the market than most companies have been around, surviving many twists and turns the come in the industry. Who would you rather have working for you?

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