Residential Battery Storage

Centurion Technologies is quickly becoming a full-service marketplace in energy management, battery storage, solar panels, and any number of new technologies for commercial industrial to residential. We pride ourselves in working with the best in the energy market. As we are now partnering with HomeGrid to offer you residential battery storage options. Their Lithium Ion Phosphate battery systems use tier 1 prismatic cells, this is currently the highest quality and safest battery technology available. 

Installing a power storage system for your home has many advantages. The residential “stack’d” series is a great option to partially offset your energy costs, saving you money. It is also easy to expand the capacity of the unit. The average home uses 30-35kwh per day of energy. Each module is 4.8 kwh, and you can have 8 modules per stack (38.4 kwh). You can have a total of 10 stacks running parallel, if needed. Reaching 384 kwh total capacity, daily, for your home.

It is also the most reliable option if you’d like to make your home entirely off-grid. The output is significantly higher than most competitors and the modular system allows for additional power to be added when needed. If you pair this with the Sol-Ark inverter it is the absolute best system available for off-grid application.

A battery storage system is also a great option to replace a generator, making it more convenient and reliable. It will sit right outside your home, and its modern look will blend in nicely with your homes landscape.

As a supplier, Centurion Technologies is here to offer you a full fledge solution to your alternative energy needs. To hear more, contact us!

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