Microgrids as Energy Management Systems

With today’s eminent climate changes and variable uncertainty, you must ask yourself whether you are prepared for system outages or whether your organization has a network of power, like a microgrid, at the ready. What energy management systems are in place?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Microgrids can disconnect from the traditional grid in order to operate autonomously and locally. Microgrids can strengthen your organization’s resilience and help mitigate disturbances with their ability to operate while the main grid is down and function as a grid resource for faster system response and recovery. We feel it’s an appropriate back-up for your back-up and small to large businesses often find it necessary to be ‘ON’ at any given time. Additionally, cyber attacks are common place. What protocols do you have in place for a security breech? A microgrid could be the best option for you and your business or organization.

Diving deeper, it’s important to understand how microgrids can involve multiple disciplines of monitoring, automation, control, and distributed energy resources (DER). Centurion Technologies (partnering with Schneider Electric) is here to deliver a more resilient, sustainable and cost affective way to run your business. With 30 years in the service business, we offer our clients the best, most reliable energy services. We cultivate the customer experience, while our preferred partners do the installation. Microgrid specific solutions form scalable reference architectures for targeted geographies and segments that lead to repeatable projects and enhanced benefits to our customers.

Energy Management Systems forecast and optimize when to produce, consume, store, or sell energy while connected to the grid for the greatest economic return of connected distributed energy resources. The Power Management System is responsible for utility outage detection, automated grid connection, and real time optimization of assets in islanded mode, with local microgrid controller and HMI/SCADA. A microgrid gives you the power and control you need to run your organization.

The Next generation intelligent switchgear integrates site generation assets and microgrid controls into pre engineered, factory tested, and a configurable power control center. Also, with a fully-integrated lithium-ion battery solution, it utilizes a modular and scalable architecture. Allowing for best-in-class energy density, footprint, and efficiency. It’s the reason why we promote them as valuable Energy Management Systems.

EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex is a faster, simpler, and standardized microgrid system designed to meet resilience, efficiency, and sustainability needs. This standardization substantially reduces project time and engineering hours, making it a better return on investment.

Bringing together microgrid control, electrical distribution, software, and battery storage system, EcoStruxure Microgrid Flex removes complexity and delivers a system providing optimal energy management to ensure continuity of operations and impact on decarbonization goals.

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