Cost Savings

Centurion Technologies, in partnering with AlphaStruxure and GreenStruxure, is here to offer your business a better way to cut energy costs. Doing so will result in a more resilient and sustainable energy solution.

Energy-as-a-Service removes upfront costs and provide operation and maintenance services and long-term energy cost predictability.


  • Lower/ more affordable energy costs.
  • Energy/Fuel Source Arbitrage
  • Flexibility drives savings.

A no money down microgrid will provide greater operational reliability, and ensure resiliency during severe weather and other incidences. You agree to the security of a long-term contract (15-25 years), allowing you to budget for electricity while adding protection from increasing electricity rates.

An EaaS operates like a power purchase agreement. The host makes payments as recurring, short-term operating expenses, not long-term capital expenditures. Host payments to the owner continue as long as electrical services are rendered, with the length of services specified in the contract. This is similar to the way the host would contract with the utility for electricity. But in this case, the host instead contracts with a third-party microgrid services provider for a specified set of energy services. The services are typically paid monthly but can be arranged under different terms. The payments also have flexible structuring arrangements. Depending on the needs of the customers, EaaS payments can be in a traditional delivery model (kWh) or a flat-rate subscription model much like a phone plan. The agreement can span in duration from a one-year recurring term, with or without specific options to renew, to longer terms of 20 years or more. Guarantees are written into the contract ensuring that the host will continue to receive power if the central grid fails.

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