There is a great need for greenhouses and vertical farms with the continuous increase in population. Within the last several years, urban farming (growing food in urban areas) has grown to be a world-wide trend. As the food demand increases, we must look at alternative opportunities for growing healthy and nutritional food.

Many plants and vegetables can only grow within certain seasons and climates which limits growth periods. With greenhouses and vertical farms, a growing season can be continuous throughout the year. This enables you to enjoy fresh produce all year around.

It doesn’t take much to get started growing your own food. You can utilize small spaces (and large) with the LED lighting systems that promote growth, even on a cloudy day.

We offer various sizes of LED lighting systems for your horticulture needs. Whether you are wanting to grow leafy green vegetables, root crops, flowers, cannabis, or any fruiting plant (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lemons, etc.) we have an LED lighting system for that. Check out our website for more information on urban farming and the lighting systems we offer.

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