Key Benefits of AlphaStruxure

  • AlphaStruxure provides an Energy Services Agreement under which AlphaStruxure makes the capital outlay, owns and takes responsibility for operating the distributed energy infrastructure to specified standards.
  • AlphaStruxure delivers long-term cost optimization and predictability tailored to client needs through a capacity, volumetric or blended contracting approach. While also adding value related to sustainability, resilience, reliability and on-site infrastructure upgrades.
  • Through a combination of resources – often including energy efficiency, on-site solar, battery storage, renewable fuel sourcing strategies, and procurement of renewables. AlphaStruxure guarantees our clients achieve and exceed sustainability targets set internally or required by regulation.
  • AlphaStruxure tailors microgrid design and performance to meet client-specified uptime needs. Leveraging deep expertise in mission-critical environments at data center and infrastructure projects.
  • AlphaStruxure brings together disparate pieces of energy and sustainability strategy into one, optimized strategic approach.
  • AlphaStruxure backstops the performance of the system, ensuring it delivers on cost, sustainability, reliability and resilience outcomes. The full spectrum of risk –investment, construction, commissioning, operational, regulatory, and asset
    management – is transferred to AlphaStruxure and mitigated for the client.
  • AlphaStruxure provides maximum flexibility in shaping a contract to meet client needs. It includes a range of contract tenors and the ability to wrap in adjacent infrastructure, including electric vehicle charging or other advanced technologies.
  • Under an AlphaStruxure Energy Services Agreement, clients have early termination and buy-out rights, with the ability to end the agreement under transparent and agreed-upon conditions.
  • AlphaStruxure works with our clients to structure transactions as potentially off balance sheet for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Agreements are backed by the staying power, global presence, and market leadership of Schneider Electric and The Carlyle Group

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