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Lighting Technologies

By upgrading your lighting, you can reduce your energy costs by 50 – 80%, or more. Upgrading your lighting can also:

  • Improve the quality of your lights
  • Reduce the time and cost of maintenance
  • Improve your employee morale, and
  • Promote a safer working environment

Centurion Technologies will work with you to choose the best products for you and your facility.



We are proud to represent Leotek as our exterior LED lighting vendor. Leotek has always been in the LED industry and not just now deciding to get into LED production because everyone else is. Our manufacturers build the heat dissipating fixture around an LED and not just dropping a LED board into a fixture.

Leotek puts the fixtures through a very rugged quality assurance test that is above the industry standard. Heat will destroy an LED, and the industry standard test is performed at 77f degrees. We test our exterior fixtures at 131f and 185f degrees. Even at these extreme temperatures, our fixtures are still rated to last 150,000+ hours!

To put this into perspective, this calculation is 150,000 hours divided by (12 operating hours per day x 365 days in the year) = 34.24 years of fixture!

By upgrading your LED lighting, you will save money, your quality of light will be better, and your lights will last longer. Whether you need signage and parking-lot fixtures, poles, sensors or accessories, we can design and install the solution for your business.



Properly designed lighting in an office setting makes a more pleasant working environment. Centurion Technologies can help you design and implement a lighting solution that gives your office a clean, polished feel while reducing your overall energy consumption and lowering electric and maintenance costs.

We have a very dynamic line of interior LED fixtures through our representing manufacturer, Lusio (owned by Lightwild). We have a versatile mounting application as low as 10 feet or as high as 40 feet. The 5,000k color temperature makes it a very clean and clear look to brighten the morale of any workforce while promoting a safer environment.

We offer energy efficient industrial and commercial high-bay lighting solutions with long-lasting bulbs, and we can help you retrofit your current fixtures or plan your upgrades from the ground up.

Whether you want to replace the existing office, conference room, sales area or warehouse fixtures, we can do it all for a very cost-effective price.



Proper exterior lighting provides safety and security for your employees, your customers and your assets. We supply LED UL rated emergency exit fixtures to ensure that your facility meets permitting and that your customers and employees have a safe travel path in the event of an emergency. And, as always, our solutions are durable and energy-efficient, meaning you’ll pay less to use and maintain these important features.