Linear Generator

Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

The Mainspring Linear Generator delivers the necessary flexibility and performance for clean power generation. Its fast ramping capabilities and dynamic fuel flexibility ensure scalable, clean capacity for both distribution and transmission voltage projects.

Fuel Versatility and Clean Energy

Capable of utilizing a variety of clean fuels, including biogas, hydrogen, and ammonia, the Mainspring Linear Generator supports the transition to a net-zero carbon electric grid. It offers reliable, long-duration power, firming renewables and accelerating the path to sustainable energy.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Deployment: Quick to install, helping to rapidly increase new capacity.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient operation reduces overall energy costs.
  • Reduced Emissions: Supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased Resilience: Enhances the reliability and resilience of the power grid.

Easy Permitting and Integration

Whether deployed as a single unit or a grid-scale array, Mainspring’s Linear Generator is easy to permit and interconnect in any jurisdiction. This facilitates broad impact across diverse use cases on both sides of the meter.

Utilizing Waste Gas for Compliance and Savings

These linear generators can run directly off reservoir gas with minimal cleanup, making them ideal for electrifying plant operations and achieving compliance while saving costs.

Achieve Sustainable Energy with Centurion Technologies + Mainspring

Join us in revolutionizing the power generation landscape. With Mainspring Linear Generators, experience the future of clean, flexible, and reliable energy.

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