Future-proofing Your Energy Infrastructure

Microgrids are helping us address sustainability in the most applicable ways. We’re all aware that decarbonization is the best way to slow climate change. It’s also true that electricity is the most efficient energy form and the best vector for decarbonization. If we are going to meet the rise in electricity demand then we need to focus on renewable energy sources. Climate disasters could pose huge threats to large systems. Microgrids can oppose these threats and help us by future-proofing our lives.

When it comes down to future-proofing, we have to create a value chain in our energy usage systems. It’s time to change ourselves from consumers to prosumers. Microgrids are going to be the key to this change. Microgrids take generated resources and streamline their costs and accessibility. By owning and operating your own energy system, you regain control all while reducing your carbon footprint.

This webinar focused on a variety of microgrids and also reintroduces Schneider Electric newest product: Microgrid Flex. It’s really about identifying your needs and deciding on a power supply that meets those needs. You may need to start by measuring your usage and singling out the threats to your organization when you experience planned or unplanned power outages.

You can learn more and rewatch the entire webinar here.