EV Charging Demand on the Rise

Our partner, Energlogics Network Inc. recently published their presentation on the growing demand of EV Charging. Their presentation highlighted the federal target of half of new passenger cars and light trucks sold in 2030 to be zero emission vehicles (battery electric, hybrid, or hydrogen). Recent proposals from the Biden administration on automobile pollution limits may also be accelerating demand by as much as 2/3 of new vehicles sold in 2032 to be electric. Certain states (i.e. California) are accelerating these goals, as well. All in all, it’s clear that EV Charging demand is on the rise.

McKinsey estimates over $95B of EV charging investment through 2030 to provide over 1.2M new public charging locations. According to Enerlogics’ President and Co-founder, Scott Ameduri, “EV Charging can have a significant impact on both consumption and demand, with corresponding cost impacts to the host facility.”

So what makes up commercial EV Charging equipment needed on-site?

First, ore charger equipment (including dispenser) must be secured from any number of suppliers, and Centurion Technologies has those partnerships in place which can take the pressure off your sourcing team. The secured equipment will offer onboard user interface for interaction with said charger equipment. Then, network software can be a separately supplied using open protocols (OCPP) for equipment maintenance.

It’s true, EV charging can increase electricity usage. But it’s important to point out that EV charging infrastructure can be installed at the same time as a clean power generation mechanism, such as solar. With these growing federal demands and EV Charging needs on the rise, now is the time to consider offsetting such impacts with revenue streams (in markets such as PJM), and supplying resiliency for your organization’s critical load. Many organizations are considering a Microgrid which incorporates solar generation, an energy storage system (ESS), and backup generation as a comprehensive build-out given of all of the tax incentives, right now.

For the full Enerlogics EV Charging presentation click here.

More About Enerlogics Network Inc.

“Enerlogics” was founded in 2009 and is an industry-leading consultant and energy efficiency solutions provider working specifically in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. Enerlogics is one of Centurion Technologies’ partners and they specialize in energy storage, EV charging, demand response, and energy efficiency program execution. Their key projects have included campus solar programs for higher education institutions, energy storage solutions for municipalities, and energy storage programs for corporations.