Energy Savings and Microgrids with Schneider Electric

When it comes to energy savings, Microgrids can be a powerful addition to your energy system. So, when should you add one?

The answer is multifaceted, but we would say that if you have or are considering adding distributed energy resources, that’s always a great time to seek your best options for energy savings through microgrids. Additionally, if energy resilience is critical to your business or if you operate in an area with high energy rates or your region offers attractive financial incentives, then it’s time!

Don Wingate, Vice President of Sales, Strategic Customers & Solutions at Schneider Electric, hosted this episode of our energy savings webinar series. He gave a specific example involving an auto manufacturer in Michigan who recently experienced a 2 minute shut-down due to a power outage. This cost the organization several millions of dollars in energy consumption as well as lost productivity while they still paid their employees. With a microgrid in place, they could have saved themselves those costs by establishing their own energy reservoir and generating their own energy sources.

Energy savings doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be quite simple if you have the right organization and partners on your side. When cost savings, productivity resilience, operation reliability, and an overall focus on sustainability are a part of your goals, you need to consider your energy usage and how it impacts your bottom line. Where ESG Scores are taking precedence, we can help you with your energy savings and infrastructure goals.

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