Why We Are EV Charging

“In April 2022, the New York State Legislature passed a budget to transition school bus fleets to 100% electric vehicles (EV Charging) by 2035. The legislation also requires the purchase of new school buses to be completely electric starting in 2027.”

Additionally, the Biden Administration has put into place hundreds of thousands of dollars towards commercial and residential focus on clean energy sources and actions.

As a response to this new legislation and our government’s focus, Centurion Technologies is here to be your comprehensive energy and power management provider. We can discuss in short and at length a multitude of energy saving tactics, like EV Charging, so that you or your organization may take advantage of these federal incentives.

One of our partners is Lightspec LLC. We invited them to host a webinar for our clients and connections so that we may all better understand the important parts of EV Charging, today.

Review the full presentation here.

Watch now on YouTube.